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Research means to carefully solve a problem by making use of special scientific and sophisticated methods as well as help in exploring the concepts at greater depth through means of experiments. Avrutti help a student pursue research through modeling of the solutions in software and hardware platforms with the help of subjects like embedded system, cloud computing, cryptography, image processing and so on using sophisticated and well known open source tools. We rightly believe in timely delivery of the solutions and help our customers to have a deep insight of the content as well as the problem which needs to be addressed and propose a suitable solution after thorough study.

Report Writing

Any research work is not complete when it is not documented. Each work has its own way of preserving or publication. Even the most brilliant hypothesis, a well conducted research and the most striking generalizations and results are of less importance if they are not communicated effectively to others who would like to refer one’s previous works. Writing of the report is the last step in any research study as it provides a consolidated and well organized information about a particular subject. The researcher would try to accomplish this with utmost care or seek the assistance and guidance of the experts for this purpose. We at Avrutti help the students and the researchers in writing the elaborate project reports with a plagiarism free approach using suitable softwares as well as aid the people on writing the funding proposals. We also help the students in publishing the IEEE standard papers and papers for the scopus indexed journals.


Quality of work is the main motto of any research. Care must be taken to protect the integrity of the work done by a researcher. In Avrutti atmost care is taken to have a plagiarism free content. Plagiarism check on the research report as well as grammar check will be done at Avrutti with sophisticated softwares. We help to educate students and the researchers in avoiding the ethical issues and help to detect the course of editorial process. This would help them to publish their work in the prestigious journals without any allegations and also if necessary correct the report as and when required.

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