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Welcome to Avrutti Research Labs

Avrutti emerged as a motivation to indulge the students in research and practical knowledge along with theory. We design experiments for students in such a way so as to suit their academic requirements. Learning by experimenting helps the students to achieve better quality of education. Such practical approach add to their knowledge wisdom and helps their intellectual growth by creating innovative projects.

Avrutti also provides Do it yourself (DIY) project kits to help in understanding the theoretical concepts along with the academic subjects to the students. With the help of DIY project kits, students will be able to perform experiments of varying levels of difficulty and learn the concepts by themselves which builds their self study power.

Workshops in Schools & Colleges

Explaining the theory/concept as well as real time demonstration of miniature models, prototypes, working models of generators , motors, petrol engine, gear models, circuits thereby igniting the creative minds.

We make students themselves to derive the formula from the experiments.Such hands on approach gives a deeper understanding of the concepts and helps them to remember the concepts without any need for memorization.

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