About Us

Avrutti® Labs has a dedicated team of experts in modeling the academic theory to experiments which gives deep understanding of laws and concepts.

Avrutti Research Team, has a group of techies and management experts who are well qualified in business management, Technical field and has industry expertise.

Avrutti Research & Avrutti Labs is powered by AVRUTTI®, a Technology Research & Development Company, headquartered in Bangalore, India, and founded in 2015. Since its inception, Avrutti® has contributed in the growth of some of the most innovative organizations.

We have refined our craft to cater to the needs of students, Universities and individuals who train students.

Avrutti Research Team Expertise in

  • Writing technical paper, white papers and publication in various national and international journals with good impact factor.
  • Performing plagiarism check and grammar check through sophisticated software’s.
  • It helps students and researchers in research work, writing, funding proposals, project work reports, IEEE paper and publication.


  • No last minute preparation for exam
  • Learning from experiments will be long lasting
  • Creativity & Research thinking will be developed
  • Concepts will be understood in better way
  • Easy to crack any competitive exam
  • Students will be strong at their basics

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