Workshops & Learning kits

We showcase where learning is implemented in real-time scenarios, real time demonstration of miniature models, prototypes, working models of generators, motors, engine, circuits thereby igniting the creative minds More...

Thesis writing

We at Avrutti help the students and researchers in writing the elaborate project reports with a plagiarism free approach using suitable softwares as well as aid the people on writing the funding proposals. We also help the students in publishing IEEE standard papers and papers for scopus indexed journals. More...

Research project implementation

Research project implementation is done using hardware as well as software using open source and other popular simulation tools in the fields like cloud computing, image processing, networking, cryptography, IOT, Embedded systems

Technical paper publication

We @ Avrutti help the researchers and the students to publish research articles in IEEE, Elsevier, ACM and other popular journals with high impact factor and indexed journals More...

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A Few Words About Us

We believe in experimental learning and promoting quality of education in India and promoting Quality Research

Avrutti has a dedicated team of experts who are well adept in modeling the research solution with the help of simulation tools or real time embedded systems with the motto of “learning theory with experimentation” so as to provide a deep and thorough understanding of concepts. We believe in customizable and experimental learning.

What We Offer

Workshops @ schools, college and undergraduate levels

We conduct workshops for high school, pre university and undergraduate students to make their understanding better using our own custom designed experimental kits, trainer circuit boards.We also provide DIY kits where student can perform experiment at home which makes learning very simple and effective.

Some of the key take away from workshops are

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